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Why Container Supply Company, Inc.?

  • Quality - Established more than 60 years ago as a manufacturer of specialty cans, Container Supply Company (CSC) has emerged as a leading producer of metal and plastic containers. As a full-service manufacturer, we handle all stages of production, from concept and design, to assembly and lithography, and on to shipping and delivery of the completed containers. We take great pride in providing the highest quality of containers, and in our unsurpassed level of customer service. It's this dedication of fulfilling our clients' needs that has affirmed CSC's reputation as a leading supplier of quality containers.

  • Commitment - The quality of the final container is determined by the materials that go into it. That's why CSC has such rigorous standards for all raw materials. And to ensure that our containers meet our customers' needs to the fullest extent, we work with clients to develop can specifications best suited to their individual products.

    In addition, our company has established exceptionally high production standards. By investing in the most advanced technology available to handle each phase of the production process, we are better able to meet a specialized range of needs with the finest quality of product.

  • Superiority - During our lengthy association with the food, dairy and general packaging industries, CSC has been dedicated to producing a quality product. By functioning as a full-service operation, our company maintains excellent levels of quality throughout every step of production. Inspectors constantly monitor each stage of the manufacturing process to keep the multi-million dollar assembly systems operating within rigid standards. This attention to detail carries over into the lithography and coatings department, where multi-color graphics are produced for all of our metal and plastic containers. By performing each stage in-house, we are able to control product quality from start to finish.

  • Integration - Although plastic and metal are distinctly different packaging mediums, our plastic and metal divisions are similar in scope. Both are completely integrated manufacturers that use the most technologically advanced equipment designed for a high-performance operation.

    Our virgin HDPE injection molded products are the industry standard for such diverse food products as fruit, dairy products, pickles, ice cream, mayonnaise, frozen eggs, and salad dressings. Our machines work round-the-clock to produce food packaging, as well as non-food containers for specialty chemicals, paints, adhesives, building materials and petroleum products.

Container Supply Co., Inc. is Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) certified.

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