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211 Aluminum Pull Top DoubleSafe End

  • Description
    DOUBLESAFEā„¢ ends offer the ultimate in safety. Both the edge of the opening and the edge of the removed center panel are protected by folds so that no sharp metal edges are exposed. These products have been proven with no problems in a wide variety of filling operations. All of our ends are made for food-grade applications. Talk with a Container Supply Co. sales rep now about the best can ends for your needs.

  • Applications
    Nuts and seeds
    Assorted snack foods and candy
    Powdered infant food formula
    Powdered beverage mix
    Many of these ends are available for vacuum packs.

  • Features
    Easy open
    No sharp edges
    Tamper Evident
    Light Protective

  • Options
    Attached to top or bottom of can
    Loose shipping end

  • Environmental Sustainability
    100% Curbside Recyclable
    Infinitely Recyclable

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