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Valved Peelable Metal Can End

  • Description
    The easiest and most convenient container opening available with an installed valve for off-gassing products such as freshly roasted coffee beans. The easy, one-piece opening has no sharp edges, is tamper-evident, and provides a one-way air-tight seal with a relief valve for internal pressure and gas emitting products. This and all of our metal cans and ends are for food-grade applications. Talk with a Container Supply Co. sales rep now about the best can ends for your needs.

  • Applications
    Coffee - fresh roasted whole beans
    Coffee - ground beans
    "Off Gassing" products

  • Features
    Easiest to open
    Pre-Installed valve for off-gassing
    Light protective
    Airtight non-permeable barrier
    Tamper Evident
    No sharp edges

  • Options
    100% Curbside Recyclable
    Infinitely Recyclable
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