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Sanitary Style Metal Can End – Plain

  • Description
    Sanitary Style Plain ends are a single piece of steel electroplated with a layer of tin. Tin thickness varies depending upon each customer’s specifications and needs.
    Sanitary Style ends at both ends offer the greatest protection in high demand filling and storage applications. All of our metal ends are made for food-grade applications. Talk with a Container Supply Co. sales rep now about the best can ends for your needs.

  • Applications
    Dry food products
    Wet packed food products
    Oil and additives

  • Features
    Light protective
    Air-tight non-permeable barrier
    Tamper Evident

  • Options
    Attached to top or bottom of can
    Loose shipping end

  • Environmental Sustainability
    100% Curbside Recyclable
    Infinitely Recyclable
    Steel ends, like this one, have a 73% recycle rate: the highest of any food package.

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