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Square Cover

  • Pails:
    4 Gallon Square Plastic Pail
    4 ¼ Gallon Square Plastic Pail
  • Material Used:
    Virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
    Freezer grade and suitable for a variety of temperatures.
    100% Recyclable
  • Meets the following Regulations:
    All materials used in these HDPE pails and lids meet the requirements of Food Additive Regulation 21CFR177.1520.
    Suitable for direct food contact packaging.
  • Colors:
    Natural and White Colors in stock.
    Other colors available upon request.
  • Cover Weight (Alone):
    155 grams +/- 10
  • Pallet pack Information:
    132 - Square Tear-Strip Covers per box.
    All boxed packs are lined with a polyethylene bag.
    Each box of lids has a tag identifying the item, manufactured date, and other traceable information.
    16 boxes / pallet.

    4 Gallon Square Plastic Pails have 260 pails / pallet.
    4 1/4 Gallon Square Plastic Pails have 240 pails / pallet.
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