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4 Gallon Square Plastic Pail

  • Brimful Capacity:
    4.2 Gallons +/- .1 gallon
    538 Fluid Ounces +/- 12 fl. oz.
  • Material Used:
    Virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Meets the following Regulations:
    All materials used in these HDPE pails and lids meet the requirements of Food Additive Regulation 21CFR177.1520.
    Suitable for direct food contact packaging.
  • Dairy Certification:
    Container Supply is a certified I.M.S. single service container manufacturer.
  • Handles:
    Metal or Plastic handles are available.
  • Colors:
    Natural or White
    Other colors are available in truckload quantities.
  • Covers:
    Available with or without Tear Strip
  • Cover Weight (Alone):
    Regular Cover = 155 grams +/- 10
    Tear Strip Cover = 160 grams +/- 10
  • Pail Weight (Empty):
    620 grams to 685 grams
  • Nominal Wall Thickness:
    .065 inches
  • Height without Cover:
    12.980 to 13.150 inches
  • Height with Cover:
    13.105 to 13.275 inches
  • Top Diameter:
    9.50 inches
  • Bottom Diameter:
    8.30 inches
  • Child Warning Labels:
    Standard on all pails from 3 Gallon to 6 Gallon capacity.
  • Pallet pack Information:
    Standard Pallet Pack Contains 260 - 4 Gal. Square Pails.
    All Pallets are covered in a polyethylene shrink bag.
    Each pallet has a tag identifying the item and the manufactured date.
    Square Covers come 132 per box
    Square Tear Strip Covers 148 per box
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