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Metal Cans

404 Diameter Metal Can

  • Description
    Container Supply Company builds metal cans to meet your needs. We stock some cans that are suitable for a variety of applications. Yet, for the majority of our metal can customers we make cans for their specifications which may be a special steel weight, coating, printing, beads or flat sides, or a preferred end type. Talk with a Container Supply Co. sales rep now about the best metal cans for your needs.
    Every Container Supply Co. metal can and end is made to food-grade standards. We are located in California and manufacture with USA made steel and tinplate.

  • Heights
    400, 414 (#3), 415
    507, 508, 509

  • Coatings & Lithography Options
    Inside: Tinplate or BPA-NI or Epoxy coating
    Outside: Tinplate or BPA-NI or Epoxy coating

  • Application Suggestions
    Dry food products
    Wet packed food products
    Oil and additives
    Some can and ends are suitable for hot-fill, retort, vacuum, or aseptic filling.

  • Ends
    Aluminum Pull Top DoubleSafe Metal Can End
    Sanitary Style Metal Can End - Plain
    Sanitary Style Metal Can End - Tinplate with BPA-NI Coating or Epoxy
    Sanitary Style Metal Can End - TFS with BPA-NI Coating or Epoxy

  • Environmental Sustainability
    100% Curbside Recyclable
    Infinitely Recyclable
    Steel cans, like this one, have a 73% recycle rate: the highest of any food package.
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